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Southside Housing Association continues to maintain its Investor in People (IIP) Award through formal and informal learning and development.

We offer a wide range of job opportunities from front line advice to management roles. We have a diverse workforce of over 100 employees to serve our diverse community. Southside Housing Association continues its commitment to Glasgow City Councils Living Wage campaign.

We are committed to equal opportunities and welcome applications from all sections of the community. Learn more about our Equality And Diversity Policy here.

We are fully committed to advancing the Fair Work First criteria, read more: Fair Work First Statement.

Southside Housing Association Ltd is a recognised Scottish Charity No. SC 036009.

Mobile Facilities Officer (Mobile Team): Technical Grade TAS2 £20,427 - £21,412

  • Responsible To: Concierge Manager
  • Hours: 8am to 4pm working Monday to Friday 


Reporting to the Mobile Team Leader or the Concierge Manager, the Facilities Officer will help deliver a comprehensive Estates Management service to the Association’s residents and properties by carrying out a wide range of duties – gardening, common area cleaning, maintenance, bulk removal, gritting etc.  


General Estate Management

  • Clean common areas including lift cars, brass tracks and brasses, foyers, glass, stairs, landings and bin rooms in line with agreed requirements and timescales, ensuring high standards are maintained.
  • Removal of bulk items to maintain site safety, fire safety and hygiene.
  • Carry out furniture removals as directed by the Concierge Manager.
  • Use company vehicle if instructed and ensure vehicle is maintained and checked as outlined by company policy/procedures, Team Leader/Concierge Managers.
  • Provide an efficient garden maintenance service (e.g. grass cutting/strimming, pruning, raking, de-weeding, sweeping, removal of moss etc).
  • Use appropriate power tools and equipment as necessary for jobs e.g. lawnmower, strimmer, leaf blower, power washer, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, sweeper, scrubber drier/buffer, gardening tools, cleaning tools etc.
  • Deliver/participate in other Estate Management tasks as directed by the Team Leader/Concierge Manager.
  • Provide basic DIY/Maintenance service as necessary and instructed, including painting tasks.
  • Assist in the removal of vandalism evidence, including scrubbing/painting out graffiti.
  • Remove snow/ice from pathways, and grit, as required.
  • Liaise with housing officer on tenancy issues as required.
  • Liaise with external contractors as required (eg. Land and Environmental Services).

Health & Safety

  • Adhere to company Health & Safety policy and procedures at all times and highlight issues/breaches immediately to Team Leader/Concierge Managers.
  • Adhere to Health & Safety policy and procedures at all times.
  • Carry out cleaning [and other routines where use of chemicals is necessary] in line with COSHH regulations, ensuring spillages are safely removed.
  • Use company equipment within safety guidelines, manufacturers’ instructions and Team Leader/Concierge Managers guidelines/training.
  • Wear PPE (including safety gloves, footwear, helmets, ear defenders, googles and masks) at all times as necessary.
  • Carry out daily/weekly/monthly building check routines highlighting issues in a timeous manner.  Report faults/issues as necessary to the Repairs Team, Contractors, Housing Management, and Concierge Managers as appropriate.
  • Observe legislation and company policies relating to Health & Safety matters, including smoking policy.
  • Review Method Statements and Risk Assessments for all related duties, highlighting queries or requests for updates as necessary.

Customer Service and Service Delivery

  • Ensure compliance with clearly defined Customer Care standards.
  • Adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998, and relevant training/updates, at all times.
  • Ensure customer queries are dealt with and/or passed to the appropriate staff member in a timeous and courteous manner.
  • Ensure high standards are continually maintained and delivered on all sites by all team members.


  • Carry out tasks – core and ad-hoc – relevant to the shift and as instructed by the Team Leader/Concierge Managers.
  • Report incidents as necessary and complete reports as required.
  • Deliver newsletters/leaflets and other communications as required.
  • Drive company vehicle(s) as directed.

Performance Standards

  • Operate to clearly defined standards.
  • Meet with Team Leader/Concierge Managers on a regular basis to discuss support and supervision.
  • Carry out other specific tasks as instructed by the Team Leader, Concierge Managers, Head of Housing or other senior staff.

I.T. and Administration Activities

  • Carry out day to day tasks using Microsoft Office, Word, and Outlook etc as required.
  • Complete company paperwork as necessary.
  • Complete incident reports as appropriate.

Other Ad-hoc Duties

  • Attend training sessions as required.
  • As instructed by Team Leader/Concierge Manager, liaise with other static sites and office sections as required to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.
  • Attend Training/Meetings etc outwith normal working hours, from time to time.

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Multiple Site Concierge: £25,776 per annum  

  • Reporting to: Concierge Manager 
  • Hours: Static Site: 8am to 8pm on a shift rota basis (four shifts on duty, then four shifts off duty).
  • Flexibility required for evening, weekend and emergency working
  • Defined  Contribution Pension Scheme


The post holder will deliver an excellent service to the Association’s tenants.  As well as carrying out all mainstream concierge duties, concierge will carry out all appropriate tasks as instructed by the Concierge Manager or Neighbourhood Manager   



Effective customer service / service delivery

  • Ensure compliance with clearly defined Customer Care standards in concierge service delivery, particularly in relation to telephone; personal callers and complaints.
  • Ensure that customer queries are dealt with and / or passed to the appropriate staff member timeously.
  • Be open, accessible and approachable to customers whilst exhibiting a high degree of integrity particularly in relation to data protection issues.
  • Contribute in ensuring that customers and other interested parties are kept informed about all matters relating to concierge services as required.
  • Liaise effectively with internal teams and external agencies in relation to concierge matters.
  • Deliver high standards of cleanliness and security on all sites and ensure standards are maintained
  • Ensure daily work sheet tasks are being completed to the agreed standards and signed off by Concierge Manager.
  • Ensure sign off from tenants when landings cleaned that standard is satisfactory – if no tenants available use “no access” calling cards to advise
  • Deliver effective security surveillance e.g. CCTV monitored, controlled entry and visible block patrols
  • Advise new tenants on house heating controls as required
  • Assist residents in the removal of bulk items to be uplifted for dump purposes 
  • Liaise with Housing Support staff from other agencies in providing assistance to elderly/vulnerable tenants 


  • Carry out all tasks relevant to the post as instructed by the Concierge Manager 
  • The post holder must be competent in all aspects of the concierge service as they would be part of the Concierge duty rotation with other staff on all sites 
  • Wear the uniform issued by the Association whilst on duty 
  • Clean common areas in all properties including lift cars, foyers, glass, stairs and landings in line with agreed requirements and ensure standards are maintained 
  • Liaise with relevant officers regarding tenant queries on investment programme
  • Provide comprehensive reception service to residents and visitors including register of visitors
  • Liaise with relevant officers regarding any queries from owner occupiers
  • Ensure daily incident report log is maintained and copy emailed to housing officer/  concierge manager for action/information as appropriate 
  • Liaise with GCC Cleansing on bin and bulk uplifts
  • Maintain and log all residents onto controlled entry database adding and deleting residents when required
  • Provide a friendly and caring reception service to all visitors to the site
  • Be vigilant to visitors who may cause acts of vandalism 
  • Adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to all enquiries made regarding residents.

Estate Management

  • Deliver/participate fully in Estate Management tasks as required by the Concierge Manager 
  • Support housing officers in all estate management tasks as required
  • Identify vandalism and report to maintenance team  
  • Assist housing management staff to enforce breaches of tenancy conditions by highlighting tenants whom you know are consistently breaking them 

Health & Safety

  • Identify H&S issues regarding standard of repair eg, lights, glass, stair treads and report as appropriate - Monitor action and follow up as required 
  • Deliver appropriate action in case of lift car alert and housing alarms
  • Breaches of security and emergency events responded to as defined in emergency plan or service manual as appropriate
  • Liaise with contracted security staff on issues highlighted on CCTV system that could lead to residents and staff being concerned
  • Carry out daily handover with security officer on previous shift issues
  • Monitor CCTV system, ensure appropriate action taken and email incident reports to housing officer/concierge manager as appropriate 
  • Liaise with other agencies such as Strathclyde Community Police on incidents which could be described as anti social 
  • Rubbish and waste disposal compliant with procedures ie chutes, hoppers, bin/bulk uplifts 
  • Observe legislation relating to no smoking  
  • Carry out regular inspections to ensure safety of all common areas/immediate environment/lock up areas maintained to agreed standard
  • Carry out daily inspections on chutes, fire equipment, dry risers, controlled entry systems and tanks 
  • Check lifts, lift levels and safety edges daily 
  • Check fire doors on common stairwells and landings daily 
  • Carry out daily checks on extractor units, tank rooms, switch rooms and pumps.
  • All items to be lifted in line with manual handling training
  • Ensure lifts are kept clean with clear, highly polished brass tracks
  • All cleaning to be carried out in line with COSHH regulations and to include the wearing of safety gloves, helmets, goggles and masks where required to do so. 
  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) issued for all tasks when required to do so and as instructed by your line manager   
  • Remove snow/ice from pathways and grit when and where required
  • Ensure bin rooms are checked daily, bins are rotated and spillage is cleared to prevent rodent infestation 
  • Check daily for blocked chutes and take the appropriate to clear them
  • Clean all glasswork and metal work on common doors to required standard 
  • Ensure all landings and stairwells are cleaned weekly to required standard

Tenant Liaison and Participation

  • Assist with the promotion of community involvement in all areas of the Association’s operation as required
  • Regular communication and support to vulnerable and elderly tenants maintained
  • Deliver newsletters/leaflets and other communications as required 

Contribute to Achievement of Performance Standards

  • Monitor your own performance in relation to personal targets.
  • Operate to clearly defined standards.
  • Meet with Concierge Manager on a regular basis to discuss support and supervision. 
  • Carry out other specific tasks as instructed by the Head of Housing Services, Neighbourhood Manager, Concierge Manager or Director.  

I.T. Activities

  • Carry out day to day tasks using Microsoft Office, Word and Outlook, as required.

Other Ad Hoc Duties

  • Attend training sessions as required.
  • Liaise with other office sections as required to ensure effective and efficient service delivery.


  • You may have to attend meetings and training events outwith normal working hours.

View more information on the role below:

To apply for the above role, email your CV to

Management Committee Member

Southside Housing Association has an excellent opportunity for the right individual to join the Association’s Management Committee where you will assist in shaping the future for our tenants, other residents and stakeholders.

 We are a long established, locally run organisation delivering high quality, affordable homes and a wide range of other services.  We currently own and manage approximately 2300 homes for social rent across the south side of Glasgow. Our wholly owned subsidiary Southside Factoring and Related Services (SFARS) also manages 225 Mid-Market Rent homes, and currently provides a property factoring service to around 1000 homeowners and commercial enterprises.

 We have a dedicated Management Committee who set the strategic direction and oversee the operation of our services.  We are regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator and are registered as a Scottish Charity.

 We encourage diversity of experience on our board and are keen to hear from people with a range of backgrounds and experiences who share our vision and values, and want to make a difference.  While we are keen to attract members from our local community, it is important to attract people who can be objective, accountable and demonstrate leadership and integrity while committing to the values of the Association in a governance capacity.  All Committee Members will adhere to a Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members.

 At this particular time we are interested to hear from any interested individuals with a broad range of skills, but particularly those with experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Development/Construction
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Finance
  • Digitalisation
You will have:
  •  Knowledge or experience of the social housing sector
  • Skills and experience to help lead a changing organisation
  • Proven ability to work at a strategic level, think creatively and challenge constructively
  • Strong communication skills
  • Integrity and a commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance


What you can expect from Southside H.A:

  • A full programme of induction to the Management Committee
  • Training tailored to your professional and personal development needs
  • Opportunity to work as part of a team making decisions and governing the interests of the Association.

This is a voluntary position and attendance at Management Committee meetings is expected in person on a monthly basis.  Members are also required to join a Sub-Committee, which will meet quarterly.

To apply or discuss the role, please contact our Corporate Services Manager, Aileen Radford, on 0141 433 4058 or

Apply online by filling out our Online Application Form


  •  Submit your application here
  •  Meet with Corporate Services Manager, CEO and a Committee Member.
  • If still interested, you will be invited to observe a Management Committee Meeting.
  • Selection to be approved by Management Committee 

Closing Date:  15th March 2024