Your Repair Responsibilities


Southside will carry out the majority of repairs in your home, however, there are some small things for which you are responsible.  A list is available here.  You are also responsible for your white goods, such as fridges and washing machines, unless they have been provided for you by Southside Housing Association as is the case in the Mid Market Rent flats.  

As well as this as a tenant, you are responsible for items that you damage, such as windows, kitchen doors and so on or where items are damaged by flooding to your home.   If you have Contenants Insurance, you may wish to claim on your insurance.  If it is vandalism caused by someone else, we can assist, but you will need a crime reference number from the police.

You are responsible for painting and decorating in your home.  If you need painting or decorating due to works we carry out in your home, such as a replacement bathroom, we will provide vouchers to help you to pay for the decorating materials you need.  As your housing officer about this, if you think you are due any vouchers.

Owners and Sharing Owners factored by Southside

As you know, as owners, you are responsible for all the repairs in your home, however, if we factor the block where you live, Southside will carry out the work and recharge you in your factoring bills.

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