Planned Maintenance Works

Planned Maintenance works are either renewal or improvement works to major components of the individual properties and common part of the building to bring them up to a good standard of repair.

The aim of planned works is to Provide good quality affordable homes for people in housing need; Maintain our housing stock and related assets to a standard. 

Southside HA have a 30-year plan that acts as a guide to indicate when major repairs are due to be carried out. The plan is divided into a 5-yearly programme, and this is reviewed on an annual basis. Details of the programme are highlighted in our Newsletter and, if works are due to be carried out within your home; you will receive a letter from us.

Our investment programme takes account of the requirements of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard, Energy Efficiency Standards for Social Housing, Fire Safety and we will ensure our properties meet these Standards.  

The main focus of Southside Housing Association’s planned investment programmes for years 2023 –2028 will be towards improving the Energy Efficiency of our homes, tackling fuel poverty and meeting the Energy Efficiency Standards for the Social Housing (EESSH) and beyond.

A whole host of works are regarded as major repairs, including: 

  • Replacing kitchen units or bathroom suites 
  • Replacing central heating boilers and/or radiators 
  • Replacing windows 
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Common area doors Relacement
  • Lift Modernisation
  • Upgrading door entry or TV aerial systems 
  • Renewing extract fans 

If your property is to have any works done from any of the above, you will be notified in writing with details about the contract, what to expect, estimated timescales, and anything you need to do to prepare for the works.

You can contact Southside Housing Association Investment Team on 0141 422 1112 if you require further information about Planned Maintenance works. 

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