Why You Need to Pay Rent

Your rent is calculated monthly and should be paid in advance on the 28th of every month. The rent you pay is used in four main ways to:

pay for repairs and maintenance to your home
set aside some money each year to pay for larger repairs
manage the Association and your home
repay any money we have borrowed to build or improve your home

Rent Increases

Rents are our main source of income. When setting the annual rent increase our Management Committee take account of: 

What we need to spend money on i.e. repairs, investment and new developments 
Whether our rents are affordable 
Your views on the rent increase and your views on the type of services we should be providing. 

The rent increase usually applies from the 28th of March. You will be given at least 28 days notification of the rent increase. Housing Benefit will be notified directly by the Association of your new rent, if applicable. However, if you are in receipt of Housing Benefit, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Housing Benefit office implements the increase. If you are in receipt of Universal Credit you must notify the DWP of the rent increase via your online journal.

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