Homelessness Advice 

We understand becoming homeless is a difficult and stressful experience.

We work closely with Glasgow City Council to help people who are homeless. If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, you should contact  Health & Social Care Connect for any homelessness enquiries. 

If you require homelessness advice and assistance, then you should contact Health and Social Care Connect on 0141 287 0555. If you require assistance after 4.45pm Monday to Thursday or 3.55pm on a Friday or weekends and public holidays, then please contact the Emergency Out of Hours Homelessness Service on 0800 838 502. 

The Health & Social Care Connect Team offers advice and help based on your own circumstances. This includes a decision on whether you are considered homeless in legal terms.

Depending on your homelessness assessment, you may also be entitled to a referral for permanent accommodation. This could be with a housing association, including Southside Housing Association, cooperative, or a private tenancy with a private landlord.

You can also visit Glasgow City Council for further information. 

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