Your Tenancy

When you become a tenant of Southside Housing Association you sign a Tenancy Agreement.  Your tenancy agreement is the legal contract that allows you to occupy your home. This legal document sets out your rights and responsibilities and those of Southside Housing Association. Please make sure you keep this document in a safe place as it notes the terms and conditions of the agreement between you and us.

Good Neighbours – What are your rights? 

The Association is committed to ensuring that everyone can enjoy their home without disruption from others. Tenants are required to sign up to the Good Neighbour Agreement, which details the responsibilities of the Association to the tenant and the tenant’s responsibilities as a resident and neighbour when they become a tenant of the Association. 

Conduct of your tenancy 

You are solely responsible for the conduct of yourself, your family, anyone living with you and any visitors in and around your home. Southside Housing Association want all of our tenants and residents to be able to live in a clean, safe and secure environment without nuisance or annoyance from neighbours or damage to the property.

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