How to report pests

At Southside we will deal with a variety of pests for you.  

Bedbugs and Cockroaches

If you have bed bugs or cockroaches in your house, please contact us and we will discuss what arrangements we can make to get pest controllers in to assist.  The work may require more than one treatment and you may need to be out of your house when the work is being done, but we will tell you about this at the time.

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats outside your property should be reported to Glasgow City Council.  You can do this by phoning the council or downloading the MyGlasgow App.

If you have mice or rats inside your property, please phone and we will inspect the property before deciding what course of action to take.  We may block access points, ask a pest controller to put down bait and so on.  We will advise you at the time of the enquiry what we will do next.

In the meantime, if you do have mice or rats, please ensure you keep all food stored in secure cupboards and/or storage boxes, you keep floors and surfaces clean and that any hole you can see, you cover as best you can until we can assist.  

Please put all your rubbish bags in the wheelie bins provided and make sure it is tied before you put it in.  Rubbish and rubbish bags left outside and not in a secure bin, will attract mice and rats to your property.

To request a bulk uplift contact the Association on 0141 422 1112 or

Let us know:

  • The items that require an uplift 
  • •Where the items need removed from 
  • Your contact details.

Wasps, Bees and Birds Nests

We do not deal with wasps, bees and bird nests.  Bird nests should not be disturbed during the nesting season.  It is against the law to remove them at this time.  

Ants, Beatles and other insects

We do not remove insect infestations except bedbugs and cockroaches from outside or inside. You can buy bate and other products to remove ants.  

Blocking access to pests

We will assess any access points for pigeons, squirrels and other pests and let you know what we can do to block access.

Pest Control Policy

We have a policy that states what we will do about pests.  You can read it here.  It is being reviewed at the moment by staff.  If you wish to comment, please email the office at