What is a complaint?

We regard a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction about our action or lack of action, or about the standard of service provided by us or on our behalf.  
Your complaint may involve more than one of our services or be about someone working on our behalf.

You can complain about things like:

  • Delays in responding to your enquiries and requests.
  • Failure to provide a service.
  • Our standard of service.
  • Dissatisfaction with our policy.
  • Treatment by or attitude of a member of staff.
  • Our failure to follow proper procedure.

There are some things we can’t deal with through our complaints procedure. This includes a routine first-time request for a service, for example reporting a problem that needs to be repaired or initial action on anti-social behaviour.

Request for compensation

Our policies and procedures have a separate right of appeal, for example if you are dissatisfied with the level of priority you have been given when applying for a house, you may have the right to appeal against the decision.

Issues that are in court or have already been heard by a court or a tribunal

An attempt to reopen a previously concluded complaint or to have a complaint reconsidered where we have already given our final decision following a stage 2 investigation.

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