Home Contents Insurance 

Are your household contents insured?

Please don’t be caught out. 

Unfortunately accidents happen and in flatted properties in particular there is always a risk of flooding from the properties above. In such cases the Association’s responsibilities are to repair any structural damage and to restore your property to the lettable standard. The Association has adequate insurance cover for the buildings. However, our insurance arrangements do not cover any loss or damage to your contents, including carpets, nor do they cover your improvements, including decoration. You should insure these items separately.

What does this mean to me? 

If your home is flooded, for example, we will check any repair and damage to your electrical system, plasterwork, doors etc. and ensure that the cause of flooding is stopped. Some of the most common causes of flooding include neighbours baths or washing machines overflowing, damaged or defective pipework, missing or damaged roof coverings etc. The cause of the flood does not affect the situation with regard to decoration and we will NOT restore your decoration or carpets. 

We will paint, where necessary, any damaged areas of ceiling and walls to a plain white emulsion finish. Wallpaper and other coverings such as Artex, paint effects or other special decorative techniques will not be made good. 

What can I do? 

1. Make sure that you have household contents insurance cover. This will cover any damage to your decoration, carpets and your household contents in the event of a flood, fire etc.

2. Have your washing machine properly connected by a plumber. This will help protect your neighbours from accidental flood damage. 

3. Report all repairs to the Association without delay. This will help to protect both your neighbours and yourselves from damage due to unattended deterioration. 

If you need any other further advice on this or any other maintenance issue please do not hesitate to contact the Property Services Department, we are here to help.

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