About Us

Southside Residential’s aim is to provide an affordable, quality property management service to properties in the southside of Glasgow.

We can maintain all common areas for a very competitive price, as there are no hidden costs, what you pay is exactly what we pay for repairs and buildings insurance. All of our contractors have a proven track record, deliver high quality work, are fully insured and comply with all current legislation. Southside Residential is part of the commercial arm of Southside Factoring and Related Services (SFARS), which is a subsidiary of Southside Housing Association.

Southside Housing Association (SHA)

SHA is a registered social landlord providing housing and a range of other services across the southside of Glasgow. The Association is community controlled which means decisions are taken by a tenant controlled Management Committee. The Association is also a registered Scottish charity (Scottish Charity Number SC036009).

Southside Factoring and Related Services (SFARS)

In 2005, SHA established SFARS, a wholly owned subsidiary, in order to deliver commercial activities which could not be provided by the Association as the charitable parent company. SFARS now incorporates two entities Southside Residential and Southside Letting which together provide the following commercial activities:

  • Factoring services for owners & commercial units
  • Mid-market rent homes.

SFARS also has a board which has the following members:

  • Ian Dyer (Chairperson)
  • Ruth McCluskey
  • Lucy Gillie
  • Elisa Campanaro
  • Michael Davie

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