Tenant Case Study – Welfare Rights and Money Advice Team

A Housing Association Tenant was referred to us by his Housing Officer as he had been furloughed in April (due to the Covid-19 lock down) and he also underwent major surgery in June. His employer asked him to return to work at the beginning of August, but he was not fit to do so, as his condition will be long term. As his job is physical, his employer asked him to resign.

He had submitted a Personal Independence Payments claim 3 months ago, but it had not been assessed. He had also submitted a Universal Credit Claim in March, but due to his furlough income, no payments had been made for several months. His last pay was taken by direct debits, and he had no income for food or utilities, and would not receive a Universal Credit payment for another 4 weeks.

Southside’s Welfare Rights and Money Advice Team then:

  • Applied to the Scottish Welfare Fund for a crisis grant – he was awarded £197.
  • Applied for a fuel voucher for his pre-payment meter – he was awarded £25 top up.
  • Arranged for a food parcel to be delivered to his home, as he is currently unable to go out independently.
  • Advised him to retract his resignation, as he had an entitlement to Statutory Sick Pay – he did this successfully.
  • Advised he report the change of circumstances on his Universal Credit claim.
  • Completed applications for council tax reduction and for a discretionary housing payment to mitigate the bedroom tax, as he has an extra bedroom.
  • Submitted a complaint to the DWP regarding the delay in processing his Personal Independence Payments claim highlighting the hardship caused, this put pressure on the DWP to process the claim as a matter of urgency. He was assessed the following week and given an award.
  • Assisted by negotiating with his creditors for a payment break until his benefits were in place.

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“I reported the fault and within 24 hours all was attended to. I am very pleased.”

Resident of Herriet Street