Southside Housing Association has been awarded £100,000 by the Scottish Government to fund activities to combat the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in the local community. The funding is for the period from 1st May to 31st October and is primarily to focus on the needs of communities in Pollokshields and Cardonald. This funding has been awarded to the Association for direct action to relieve distress e.g. emergency food supplies, etc (circa £40,000) and in its role as a community anchor organisation,  for disbursal to local organisations who are on the front line of meeting critical local needs (circa £40,000).  The balance of £20k is to be directed at supporting welfare rights services and other community support.

Under the terms of the Scottish Government grant, Southside Housing Association is the fund holder.  A key aim of the fund is to provide a route through which other community groups and organisations can access funds and support in responding to the challenges posed by Covid-19. This is likely to be across a range of different themes such as:

  • Providing and delivering food to those who cannot buy it for themselves or are unable to access it due to self-isolation.
  • Providing advice for people to access benefits and emergency funds for fuel, accommodation etc and signposting to specialist services.
  • Connecting services and volunteers to where they are needed and supporting those volunteers.
  • Financial support for community organisations to increase or deliver new activity to meet additional demands for energy (e.g. fuel cards, communication top ups etc.).
  • Funding to support community organisations to deliver services in new ways in response to Covid-19 for example digital tools to enable people to remain connected.
  • Funding to support and maintain organisations cash flow and staff costs while dealing with the emergency, for example due to loss of other income sources.
  • To meet costs of supporting personal safety.
  • Celebrating and reinforcing positive community relationships, networks, and spaces.

The Association has set up a delegated decision making process, including representatives from the Association’s Cardonald/Pollokshields Neighbourhood Committees. Applications will be assessed against the objectives set out above.  We hope to make any award within 5 days of receipt of any application, to ensure monies get to the point of need as quickly as possible.

Grants of up to £2,000 are available now to meet immediate needs of those organisations working to deliver critical services, particularly in relation to food, mental health and the welfare of individuals and families.  These grants are specifically for organisations meeting demonstrable, immediate need in relation to the crisis.  Training, development work, research etc are therefore very unlikely to be funded.

Eligible organisations are constituted / not for profit / charitable organisations which actively serve the community of Cardonald or Pollokshields and can evidence recent work within the neighbourhood.  Statutory providers such as arms-length organisations (ALEOs), council services or other public bodies are ineligible to apply for this funding. Funds can only be used for projects delivered between 1st May-31st October 2020.

Acceptance of funding commits applicants to the following:

  • Meeting local needs in Cardonald/Pollokshields.
  • Providing reports on activity delivered with the funding, i.e. benefits to recipients and expenditure, including bank statements etc. Evidence of transactions/activities if requested to the Grantor by email within 2 months of the estimated date of completion.
  • Delivering activities in a manner which follows guidance and best practice in health and safety, particularly minimising risks of infection transmission.
  • Keeping and maintaining for a period of 3 years after the expenditure occurs, adequate and proper records and books of account recording all receipts and expenditure of monies paid to it by the grantor by way of the Grant.
  • Potential publication of details of the financial support provided and in addition use or potential publication of information in news releases, case studies, publications and other publicity materials in hard copy and on the internet.
  • Ensuring that in relation to the Project, they and anyone acting on their behalf shall comply with Scottish Law.

Please direct any queries in relation to the funding awards and process to the below contacts.

  • Pollokshields Applications:  Euan McLeod on 07928666031 or
  • Cardonald Applications: John Giddings on

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