Changing / Ending your Tenancy

Changing your tenancy

You can change your tenancy in the following ways:

  • Applying to make it a joint tenancy with another occupant.
  • Passing on your tenancy to another occupant.
  • Mutual exchange with another social rented tenant.
  • Internal transfer to another Southside Housing Association property.

If you wish to do any of the above you must apply to us in writing.

Please note that some of your tenancy rights in relation to these issues are due to change due to the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014. For more information, please download Changes to Your Scottish Secure Tenancy Rights.

Ending your Tenancy

You must tell us at least four weeks before you intend to move out.

It is your responsibility to leave the property clean, empty and in a reasonable condition. You must repair or replace any broken fixtures and fittings before you leave the property.

If we have to carry out repairs which you are responsible for, need to clean the property or have to arrange for items to be moved we will recharge the cost to you.

Before moving out of your home you should:

  • Give us 28 days notice, in writing, or your intention to end your tenancy.
  • Arrange for your home to be inspected by our staff to ensure it is in a satisfactory condition.
  • Arrange for the gas and electricity meters to be read.
  • If you are on benefits, you should inform the relevant departments of your change of address.
  • Inform the Council Tax of your date of leaving and your new address.
  • Empty your home of all belonging and furnishings. . If you wish to dispose of larger items please phone the Cleansing Department to arrange uplift on 0141 287 9700.  This service is FREE.
  • Have a plumber disconnect your washing machine and cap off all pipes.
  • Pay any rent due to the end of the tenancy.

If you wish to remove a joint tenant from your Scottish Secure Tenancy and create a single tenancy, both of you must apply to us in writing.

If a joint tenant has abandoned your home, please contact us to terminate their interest in the tenancy.

If you die, the tenancy may be inherited by a joint tenant, your husband or wife or co-habitee. In the absence of someone who is legally entitled to inheret the tenancy, it will return to Southside Housing Association.

Please contact us for more information.

Mutual exchange is when you ‘swap’ homes by finding another tenant who wants to exchange properties. The exchange must be with another home where the tenant holds a Scottish Secure Tenancy or Short Scottish Secure Tenancy. The tenant you swap with can be from another housing association or local authority home anywhere in the UK.

Both landlords must agree to the exchange for the swap to go ahead.

Mutual Exchange is especially useful for tenants who:

  • Are interested in moving to a new area
  • Need a smaller or larger home
  • Want to avoid a lengthy wait for a transfer

All tenants have a legal right to ask for a mutual exchange and we will not unreasonably refuse permission. Usually certain criteria have to be met. We carry out a check on your rent account and also an inspection of your home to ensure no damage has been caused.  We check the same details for the other tenant and ensure that if the exchange was to go ahead either properties would not be overcrowded or under occupied.  Generally no rechargeable repair invoices should be outstanding.

Please beware if you complete a mutual exchange no internal repairs will be carried to the property for a year with the exception of safety checks.

To make it easier for you we have joined HomeSwapper, the UK’s biggest online mutual exchange scheme. HomeSwapper can be used to help you find an exchange in Glasgow or anywhere else in the UK and is now free for all Southside Housing Association tenants to use.

If you wish to transfer to another Southside Housing Association home, please contact us.

We will then arrange a home visit appointment carry out an inspection of your current property.

Transfer applications are assessed on housing need and are prioritised in line with the criteria in our Housing Allocations Policy.  We operate a points system for transfers, the more urgent your need the more points you get.

Not everyone will be able to obtain a transfer in practice, due to the lack of availability of certain types of housing.  If you restrict the range of properties which you would consider moving to, this is likely to reduce your chances of getting a transfer.

Please be aware transfer applications are subject to certain property condition standards. If your home does not meet the standard expected, your transfer application may be refused. If you have rent arrears we can also refuse to consider your transfer until these have been cleared.

Please view our Allocations Policy here.

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