Your Right to Repairs

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 gives you, as a tenant, the right to have small urgent repairs carried out by your landlord within a given timescale. The Right to Repairs scheme covers certain repairs up to the value of £350. If we do not carry out the repair within the time limit set, you may be entitled to compensation. If you fail to give access or miss your appointment we will cancel your Right to Repair.

When you first report your repair our Repairs and Maintenance team will:

  • Tell you if your repair is covered by the Right to Repair Scheme
  • Explain your rights under the Right to Repair Scheme
  • Tell you the date by which the repair should be completed.

In some cases, we might need to inspect the repair to find out if it is a qualifying repair or not. There may be exceptional circumstances beyond our control which make it impossible to complete the repair within the time allowed. In these circumstances, we will notify you of a time extension for the repair to be completed. Learn more about compensation for repairs falling outwith our timescales.

The time limits depend on the type of repair you have reported and are set by law, not Southside Housing Association.

Repairs covered by the Right to Repair Scheme:

1 working day to carry out repair

  • Blocked sink, bath or drain
  • Loss of electric power
  • Loss of water supply
  • Insecure external window, door or lock
  • Unsafe access path or step
  • Significant leaks or flooding from water or heating pipes, tanks or cisterns
  • Loss or partial loss of gas supply
  • Loss or partial loss of space or water heating where there is no alternative heating available
  • Toilet not flushing where there is no other toilet in the house
  • Unsafe power or lighting socket or electrical fitting

3 working days to carry out repair

  • Partial loss of electric power
  • Partial loss of water supply
  • Loose or detached banister or hand rail
  • Unsafe timber flooring or stair treads

7 working days to carry out repair

  • Mechanical exterior fan in internal kitchen or bathroom not working

If we do not start the repair within the time limit set you can ask an alternative contractor from our list to carry out the repair. In this circumstance we will pay the alternative contractor for your repair, the contractor will continue to invoice Southside Housing Association directly. Our Repairs and Maintenance Team will be able to provide you with the names and contact details of alternative contractors. You cannot use a contractor who is not on our list. The other contractor has the same length of time to carry out the repair as we do. If no other contractor is available, we will carry out the repair.

There are some repairs that you will have to pay for, these are called rechargeable repairs.

We may recharge the cost of a repair to you if the problem was caused by you, your relatives or visitors. Repairs carried out which are the tenant’s responsibility or if you fail to keep an appointment with a contractor.

Examples of rechargeable repairs:

  • Repairs to fix TV signal problems if it is found that the fault is with your own equipment or leads
  • Repairs caused by a fault due to your fixtures, fittings, or installations
  • Repairs to items installed by you which are your responsibility
  • Gaining access to the property where you have lost your keys
  • End of tenancy repairs where you fail to leave the property in an acceptable condition and/or hand in two sets of keys

If you are unsure if your repair falls into one of the above categories please contact us for advice on 0141 422 1112 or

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