COVID-19 Repairs Responsibilities


Although the disease has eased in recent weeks there have still been some spikes in particular areas and we all need to remain vigilant to try and minimise the danger of a second wave of Covid-19. Therefore, it is important that both you and our contractors continue to be cautious and take both your responsibilities seriously.

Customer Responsibility

Practice social distancing when contractors operatives are in your property. When reporting a repair we will ask you the following questions and it is important that you are honest when answering:-
• Do you or any of your household have any Covid-19 symptoms?
• Have you or any members of your household tested positive for Covid-19?
• Are you or any members of your household self-isolating or shielding?
• Have you or any members of your household previously tested positive for Covid-19? If so are these tests now negative?
• Have you or anyone in your household been on holiday abroad in recent weeks? If so were you tested on your return and do you have the results?

Contractors Responsibility

City Building staff will regularly be risk assessed in relation to Covid-19 and will have the necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and follow guidance, including:-
• Wearing face masks
• Wearing gloves
• Specialist PPE, if required
• Practice social distancing at all times.


All City Building staff have photographic ID cards and should show their ID before entering your home. Do not be shy in asking to see ID before any of our own staff or contractor’s staff enter your home as we want to avoid any problems with bogus callers.

94% of our tenants are satisfied with the quality of their homes.

Based on Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) 2017/18