Queensland Set For Big Improvements!

Alison Devlin, Chair of Southside Housing Association’s Cardonald Neighbourhood Committee, said: “I am delighted to see this further investment of funds to improve the play and parking facilitates as well as helping to deal with flooding in the area.  I look forward to seeing the benefits this brings to the local community”.

Humza Yousaf MSP joined the celebrations stating “I’m delighted that Southside Housing have been awarded funds to help further regenerate Queensland Court and Gardens within my constituency. This funding will not only improve play & parking facilities on site, it will also complement Glasgow City Council’s city-wide investment to mitigate against the impacts of flooding. We all have a role to play in tackling the global climate emergency, I am delighted that Southside Housing is playing their part. I know my constituents at Queensland will greatly benefit from this investment. ”

Queensland Court and Gardens is part of a major Scottish programme of projects investing almost £8 million to help people and nature thrive.  The Green Infrastructure Strategic Intervention is led by Scottish Natural Heritage and is part funded through the European Regional Development Fund.

Ivan Clark, Placemaking Team Manager for SNH, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Southside Housing Association to deliver this project and all the benefits it will bring to the residents of Queensland Court and the wider community. The new adventure play areas are being designed with children and wildlife in mind and are going to provide opportunities for the kids here to connect with nature close to where they live. At the same time the drainage basin is going to help manage surface water in the Cardonald area. These sorts of schemes, delivering a range of benefits for people and nature, will be key to helping our cities adapt to a warmer, wetter, climate in the years to come.”

Queensland Court and Gardens is also benefitting from being a pilot site for the “10,000 Raingardens for Scotland” project which local residents have been taking part in.

Rachel Howlett, Glasgow Raingarden Project Officer for Central Scotland Green Network Trust said: “We have been working with Southside Housing Association, Glasgow City Council and the residents of Queensland Gardens for the last year through the 10,000 Raingardens for Scotland project, and our community picnic on Saturday 17th August was just one of many events we have organised to engage and consult the community on plans for improving the surface water management and greenspace around their homes. We are so pleased that this funding has been awarded so that the plans developed can finally be realised”.

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