Jimmy Hobbin

The Association and the wider Cardonald community have lost a great friend with the passing of Jimmy Hobbin from Berryknowes Avenue. Jimmy was a true community activist, who gave his time unselfishly for the greater good, fighting for the community’s interest on local housing issues over the past 20 years. Bridget Maguire and June Carmichael, Housing Officers with Southside HA both fondly remember Jimmy from earlier times and Jimmy’s habit of popping into the office on Paisley Road for “…a cup of tea and a bit of fruit cake…”, but they also talk of someone who was a “true gentleman” and someone who was always “supportive”.

Jimmy helped in the transition to a Local Housing Organisation, and more recently the transfer to Southside Housing Association, serving on the Management Committee for a spell. Jimmy unselfishly gave his time on various community initiatives, fighting for investment in local tenants homes. He always put the community interest first and never sought personal reward.

June Carmichael, Housing Officer, fondly remembers Jimmy from the early days of the Tenant Management Co-operative:

“Jimmy moved into 150 Berryknowes Avenue in June 2000 and then shortly after joined the Halfway Tenant Management Co-op (TMC) and was heavily involved as one of the Office Bearers. Jimmy had various positions as an Office Bearer. He worked hard and was very committed in ensuring that the Halfway TMC was a success. He always ensured that all decisions made were fair and was best for the community as a whole and never had any self-interest. Jimmy loved nothing more than a good discussion and looked at all angles of an argument. I always remember Jimmy as a “character” – we used to have Office Bearers meetings to discuss the Agenda for our Public Meetings and after discussing all the content he would still stand up at the meeting and ask me a random question which would always floor me. We would  laugh at this afterwards and I am sure he did it on purpose. Jimmy loved coming into the office to help and enjoyed the banter of the office. He used to say he was coming into the office to escape from Rea hoovering on a Friday. I know he came into help and support the staff.”

The other strong memory that everyone at Southside has of Jimmy, was the pride he had in his family and how important his wife Rea, his family and a sense of community was for him.  Jimmy struggled in recent years with illness but his passing has evoked strong emotions and a real sense of loss.  On behalf of everyone at Southside Housing Association, the staff, the Committee, fellow residents, and the wider community, we offer our sincere condolences to Rea and her family but hope they will take some comfort from the fondness and respect that Jimmy  evoked in those who knew him.  For all his unselfish work on behalf of the community we say “Ta Ta” Jimmy.

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