Charges for Providing Environmental Information

This document sets out the circumstances where the Association may charge for providing information requested in line with the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004

What we may charge for

The Association will not charge for the time taken to determine whether we hold the information that has been requested, nor the time it takes us to decide whether the information can be released. The Association may charge however for the staff time taken to locate, retreive and assemble the information and for providing it to an individual who has requested it.


Staff costs

Staff costs incurred in the location, retreival and assembling (including redaction) of the information requested will be charged on the basis of the actual cost to the Association of employing the staff involved for the time spent. The Association will aim to use the lowest grade of staff member who is appropriate and who have the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with a request made in line with the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004.


Non-staff costs associated with providing Environmental Information

The Association may also charge for the cost of copying documents, postage and putting information into a particular format. These costs will be charged according to the following schedule:



The Association will make no charge to view information through the Southside Housing Association website or at the Association’s premises. We may however charge if photocopies of the information which has been viewed is subsequently requested.