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Your Rent is Changing!

Rent Review and Rent Increase for 2020-2021

Rental income provides the majority of funding that supports us to manage and maintain your home and neighbourhood, and to build new homes for those currently on the housing register and for future generations.

Click here to find our more about how we invest your rent and for further information on the Rent Review. Once you have read the information please complete the Rent Consultation Survey here.

In 2015, we introduced a new rent structure with the aim of having a more consistent, fair and transparent approach to setting rent charges. This was a positive change and was welcomed by tenants.

We have however become increasingly aware that the rent restructure in 2015 did not resolve all of the challenges with our rent charges. In the pursuit of creating the fairest and most affordable rent levels possible for our tenants, we have decided that now is a good time to conduct a further review, the results of which we have set out in our Rent Consultation and Rent Increase 2020-2021 booklet, which can be found by clicking here,

We have combined this rent review with our annual rent increase consultation, in which we consult you on proposed changes to the amount of rent you pay for the forthcoming financial year.

Given new evidence relating to the fairness and affordability of our current rent structure, combined with the valuable feedback from the recent 2019 Tenant Satisfaction Survey, we are clear that we need to review and revise our rent structure.

As a result, the Association’s Management Committee has agreed that our rent review will focus on making our rents fairer and more affordable.

If the proposed changes are agreed, we will advise you individually about how the changes will affect the amount of rent that you will pay. The overall outcomes include:

  •     73% of tenants will experience a rent decrease and 27% of tenants will experience a rent increase, in order to address both the fairness and affordability issues in our current rent structure.
  •     All two apartment (one bedroom) properties will see a reduction in rent, regardless of the building type.
  •     All mini-multi and high-rise properties will see a reduction in rent, regardless of property size.
  •     The majority of our deck access properties will see a reduction in rent.

For more information about our rent review proposal download our Rent Consultation Booklet here.

To ensure that we continue to deliver our Business Plan objectives, the extensive investment programme and services detailed throughout this booklet, we propose to apply an annual rent increase of inflation (based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI)) plus 0.5%.

The Management Committee had previously agreed that we would use September’s CPI figure as the basis of our rent increase deliberations, however this figure will not be released until October 2019 and the Association has agreed, in order to consult with our tenants in a clear and transparent manner, we will apply the August CPI instead. The August CPI figure, released on 18th September, is 1.7%.

Therefore the proposed annual rent increase for 2020 is 2.2%, which works out at £1.93 on an average weekly rent. This represents a lower rent increase than during the previous three years.

Download our Rent Consultation Booklet for more information about proposed rent increase by clicking here.

Complete the Rent Consultation Survey, either..


If you’re able to complete our Rent Consultation online, click here. Please complete the consultation survey online before the deadline of Thursday 31 October 2019. If you complete an online survey, please do not complete a postal survey as duplicate survey submissions will be rejected.

or By Post

You’ll receive a copy of our Rent Consultation booklet in the post shortly, which will include all of the information you need to respond to our consultation survey, which you can do by tearing off the survey page at the back and returning it to us in the pre-paid envelope supplied before the deadline of Thursday 31 October 2019.

Attend a Rent Consultation

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If you’d like to attend and can’t register online, register by phoning the Southside Housing Association reception (0141-422-1112) or via emailing

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