Southside Housing Association Statement: Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Tuesday 17th March

Southside Housing Association is making a number of changes to services in response to the Coronavirus threat.  Our aim is to maintain as many critical services during the current crisis as we can.  With effect from today, March 17th,

  • We are closing our local office in Shields Road and concentrating services from our main office at 135 Fifty Pitches Road.
  • We are closing our main office to the public except in emergencies. If you have a scheduled appointment we will contact you to make alternative arrangements.
  • Face to face appointments will only take place where absolutely essential. Most service contact will be by phone or by e-mail.
  • Repairs Service – we will prioritise emergency and urgent repairs. Our aim is to protect this service above all others and we are working with our contractors to ensure continuity of service.  We may ask you to defer routine or non urgent repair work.
  • All Community Events, Breakfast Clubs, Tenant Engagement Activities are suspended until further notice. We will update on the School Holiday Food Programme nearer the time.
  • Concierge Service, common area cleaning of foyers, stairs, closes, landings, lifts etc., this will operate largely as normal but we may have to give increased attention to the disinfecting of communal areas. This is another service we are keen to prioritise and maintain throughout the crisis.
  • Ground maintenance service – upkeep of back courts, bin stores, gardens etc., will operate largely as normal but we may have to prioritise disinfecting duties ahead of grass cutting or similar.

What we need from you:-

  • If you or a member of your household is ill and / or self isolating because of coronavirus, you should let us know. Please be assured that you will still receive all services, but if we can forewarn contractors and staff, they can take the necessary measures to minimise risk when in your home.

We will have most staff operating remotely but our normal phone lines will operate throughout the crisis.

Tel:        0141 422 1112


Finally, we are here to help, if you are anxious, or in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.  If we cannot help directly, we might know someone who can.    

“So pleased when I moved in as everywhere was freshly decorated to a high standard.”

Resident of St Andrews Road