Vision & Values

We have a vision to care about place and community.

We want;

  • Our homes to be popular and affordable
  • Our customers to be delighted with the service they receive
  • Our staff to be well-trained and highly motivated
  • Strong engagement and participation from the communities we serve.

To support our vision we are active members of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA)Glasgow and West of Scotland forum of Housing Association (GWSF) and Employers in Voluntary Housing (EVH).

We also strive to uphold and promote our Values:


  • We will act with integrity, we will be impartial in the advice we give and the actions we take, and we will be reliable and competent in our work.


  • We will be focused on both the needs of the individual customer and the community.


  • We will seek to empower individuals and communities in our work. We will be proactive in addressing problems and we will tackle inequalities where we find them.

“My new walk in shower is brilliant! A wonderful job done. The contractor was very nice to talk to.”

Resident of Swinton Place