The Association is controlled by the communities it serves. The Management Committee sets the overall strategic direction of the Association and takes all the key decisions with regard to the Association.

The Management Committee is supported by the SFARS Board, Audit Committee and Staffing and General Purposes sub-committee which constitute the three sub-committees of our main Management Committee and complete our governance structure

All of our committees, sub-committees and boards are largely composed of local residents and service users who work to ensure that the Association is accountable and delivers services appropriate to the needs of our local communities.

Our Management Committee acts as our governing body and is responsible for setting our aims and objectives and monitoring our progress in achieving them. Management Committee members meet once a month, ten times a year to:

  • Set short and long terms objectives for the Association
  • Discuss the overall operation of the Association in its use of resources, achievement of aims and objectives, financial viability and service delivery for tenants and service users
  • Ensure that the Association meets its legal and regulatory obligations.

Our Management Committee:

Office Bearers

Chair: Alex Cameron

Year of joining the Management Committee :  2017

Vice-Chair: Ruth McCluskey

Year of joining the Management Committee : 2019

Secretary: Alison Devlin

Year of joining the Management Committee : 2019


Betty MacNeil

Year of joining the Management Committee : 1994

Iain Dyer

Year of joining the Management Committee : 2002

Margaret McIntyre

Year of joining the Management Committee : 2006

Surjit Singh Chowdhary

Year of joining the Management Committee : 2011

Munir Choudry

Year of joining the Management Committee : 2018

Shirley Robison

Year of joining the Management Committee : 2021

Liz Ely

Year of joining the Management Committee : 2022

Elisa Campanaro

Year of joining the Management Committee : 2022



In 2005 the association established Southside Factoring and Related Services (SFARS), a wholly owned subsidiary, in order to deliver commercial activities which could not be provided by the Association as the charitable parent company.

SFARS main focus is on providing a property factor services, it has grown and developed and now incorporates two entities Southside Residential and Southside Letting which together provide the following commercial activities:

Board Members:

Iain Dyer – Chair

Elisa Campanero

Michael Davie

Liz Ely

Lucy Gillie

Ruth McCluskey

 The Association is run according to our constitution and rules of association, here are some of our key governance documents:

The Association is made up of a shareholding membership who have voting rights at the Association’s Annual General Meeting, elect members to our Membership Committee and other rights in relation to the way the Association is managed. The Association encourages local residents and anyone else who shares the Association’s objectives to become a member. It’s a great way to ensure that you have a say and a stake in how we operate as a social landlord.

How to become a member of Southside Housing Association.

You can apply to become a member of the Association making a one off payment of £1.00. Anyone who lives in the areas which we operate in, or who shares the Association’s objectives set out in our Rules may apply to become a member. We want to promote as diverse a membership as possible and welcome applications from people from all backgrounds irrespective of their ethnicity, race, religious belief, sexual orientation or gender identity, or disability.

As a registered social landlord, charity and company, the Association’s functions are closely regulated in a number of ways.

The Scottish Housing Regulator

Registered Social Landlords in Scotland are regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR). The SHR aims to safeguard and promote the interests of current and future tenants of social landlords and other people who use our services. The SHR closely assess the Association and other social landlords based on:

  • How we are performing in delivering our housing services
  • Our financial viability and well being, and;
  • How we are meeting the SHR’s standards of governance and financial management

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published a helpful guide ‘how we regulate: a guide for tenants and service users .’

The Association has a statutory duty to provide certain information to the SHR throughout the year, key documents which the SHR publish in relation to the Association can be found on the SHR website.

The Association has a Complaints Handling Procedure which you can use when you are dissatisfied with an aspect of how we have delivered our services, or how that may have affected you.

When things go wrong that have a serious and adverse impact on a significant number of people, you can report these issues as a significant performance failure to the SHR who will investigate and take appropriate action to address your concerns.


The Care Inspectorate

The Care Inspectorate regulates cares services in Scotland. They support improvement in care services and work to ensure that quality of care in Scotland meets high standards.

The Association’s Saffron Project, which provides accommodation and a floating support service for young people from a Black and Minority Ethnic background is regulated by the Care Inspectorate. Each year The Association has to provide an annual return to the Care Inspectorate. The Care Inspectorate also carry out periodic inspections of the Saffron Project. Here is a copy of  the most recent Care Inspectorate inspection report:

Care Inspectorate – Saffron Project Inspection Report May 2019

Scottish Social Service Council

Our Saffron Project staff are also registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC), who are the body who regulate workers in care and social services in Scotland.

Find out more about how the SSSC regulate at:

Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator

As a registered charity in Scotland, we are regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) who monitor our compliance with our obligations in line with the provisions set out in the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005. The Association provides an annual return to OSCR every December.


Financial Conduct Authority

The Association must also register with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and changes to Association Rules for example can only proceed with the consent of the FCA. We must also provide financial information annually to the FCA, you can find details of the Association’s annual returns below.

Abandonment Policy – September 2022

Adult Protection Policy – June 2023

Allocations Policy 2022-25

Allocations Policy 2022-25 Appendix 1 – Points System

Allocation Policy – Mid-Market Rent September 2023

Anti-Bribery Policy – March 2023

Anti-Fraud Policy – March 2023

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy 2022

Asbestos Policy and Management Plan – May 2022

Asset Management Strategy 2021-2025

Child Protection Policy – June 2023

Community Involvement and Engagement Strategy – Nov 2021

Complaints Handling Procedure – March 2021

Declaration of Interests Policy – November 2022

Delegated Authority Policy – March 2021

Development Strategy 2021-24

Disturbance Payments and Allowances Policy – September 2023

Donations Policy – February 2023

Equality & Diversity Policy – March 2021

Expenses Policy – July 2023

Flexi-Time and TOIL Policy – July 2023

Former Tenant Arrears Write-Off Policy – June 2022

Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Policy – November 2022

Gas Safety and Management Policy – September 2023

Group Policy on Entitlements Payments and Benefits – November 2021

IT Policy – September 2022

IT & Digital Strategy – November 2020

Managing Unacceptable Actions Policy – February 2023

Membership Policy – February 2021

Notifiable Events Policy – October 2022

Policy on Management Committee Review and Renewal – January 2020

Privacy Policy July 2021

Procedure for Handling a Serious Complaint or Grievance against the Senior Officer – October 2022

Procurement Policy – March 2023

Procurement Strategy 2023-24

Rechargeable Repairs Policy – January 2020

Recruitment and Selection Policy – October 2018

Remote & Hybrid Working Policy – July 2023

Rent Management Policy – April 2022

Repairs and Maintenance Policy – May 2022

Repairs and Maintenance Policy App. 1 Timescales

Repairs and Maintenance Policy App. 2 Tenant & Landlord Resp

Repairs and Maintenance Policy App. 3 Pre Inspection Requirements

Repairs and Maintenance Policy App. 4 Classification of Repairs

Settlement Agreements Policy – July 2022

Stage Three Adaptations Policy – May 2023

Treasury Management Policy – July 2023

Void Management Policy – May 2023

Void Management Policy App 1 – SHA Minimum Lettable Standard – May 2023

Water Quality and Legionella Management Policy – April 2021

Whistleblowing Policy – July 2022



“I am very happy with my new home and my visitors always comment on how clean and fresh the common areas are kept.”

Resident of Swinton Place