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The Southsider is our quarterly newsletter which is filled with news and developments to help keep our tenants and factored owners informed.

The Southsider Winter 2018

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The Southsider Autumn 2017

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Annual Reports

Please find below our latest Annual Reports.

Annual Report 2017/2018

Annual Report 2016/2017

Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual Report 2014-2015

Annual Report 2013-2014

Annual Financial Statement

Report and Financial Statement as at 31st March 2018

Report and Financial Statement as at 31st March 2017

Report and Financial Statement as at 31st March 2016

Care Inspectorate Reports

Please view our most recent Care Inspectorate reports.

Housing Support Service – Elderly Housing Support Services 2017

Housing Support Service – Saffron Project 2017

Housing Charter Performance Report

Please view our most recent Housing Charter Performance Report.

Tenant Charter Report 2018

Tenant Charter Report 2017

Tenant Charter Report 2016