Home Safety

We take our responsibilities very seriously when it comes to the safety of you and your family. 

As a landlord we have a legal obligation to ensure our gas and electric appliances and flues are maintained in a safe manner.

We service our gas appliances every year and our electric checks are carried our every three years.

Find out more about your Annual Gas Safety Check

Find out more about your Electrical Safety Check

Fire safety in the home

It is essential that your home has a working smoke alarm on each level of the property. If a fire starts, this will give you and your family time to get to safety.

It is in everyone’s interest to guard against fire, so remember:

·         Never leave a cooker  unattended

·         Unplug electrical appliances when not in use

·         Keep matches and cigarette lighters out of the reach of children

·         Make sure all cigarettes have been fully extinguished and empty ashtrays regularly

·         Do not overload electrical power points

·         Before going to bed close all doors to stop the spread of deadly smoke

·         If you have an electrical blanket have it serviced at least every 3 years

One of the most important things you can do is get a free home fire safety visit. Please do this today!


It is also useful to talk over with your family how you would escape in the event of a fire and make sure everyone is aware of basic principles:

·         Do not open a hot door

·         If smoke is heavy then crawl along the floor, taking short breaths if possible through a wet cloth

·         Close doors behind you

·         Get out as fast as you can

·         Get everyone out immediately, warning neighbours and others in the building.

·         Call 999 for Fire Service, don’t go back into the house until the fire fighters advise it is safe.

Contents Insurance

We strongly recommend that all of our tenants consider taking out a Home Contents Insurance policy.

Home contents insurance is a way of protecting your belongings in events such as fire, being burgled or burst pipes.  If this happens, the insurer will pay out an agreed amount or an amount appropriate to the damage caused. You can use this money to replace the items destroyed, damaged or stolen.

We hope these kinds of problems never happen, but we would encourage you to consider insuring you and your family’s belongings.