Gas Safety Checks

If your property has a gas supply you will be subject to an annual gas safety inspection.

Gas SafetyAs your landlord we have a legal obligation to inspect all pipe work and gas appliances to ensure they are in a safe condition to reduce the risk of injury to members of your household or neighbours.

City Building will notify you with a date and time of your inspection, if you cannot keep the appointment, or can’t arrange for someone else to be there,┬áit is important that you contact us.

Please contact us to make a new appointment for a time and date that suits you.

Do not ignore your appointment, it is for your own safety.

Repeatedly failing to provide access to our gas engineers is a serious breach in your Tenancy Agreement which will lead to court action and possible forced entry.

If you smell natural gas in your home:

  • Make sure all gas appliances and the burners on your hob are turned off
  • put out any cigarettes
  • open all windows and doors
  • do not use matches
  • do not use any electrical switches or appliances including door entry systems
  • Call Gas National Grid 0800 111 999